• 4 Surprising Ways To Use Your USB Stick

    From backing up important data to sharing music, photos, and documents with others, the benefits of a USB stick are easy to see. While you may consider yourself technologically savvy, you most likely do not know the full benefits of using these small sticks. The cost is decreasing each day, making USB sticks incredibly affordable, so proper understanding of these tools will ensure you get the most bang for your buck.
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  • How Can You Keep Your Wilderness Retreat Safe From Human (And Animal) Intruders?

    If you've recently downsized your home or simplified your life by moving to a remote cabin in the wilderness, you may be excited at the prospect of living your life in peace, without interruptions from nosy neighbors or other intrusions of modern life. However, limited access to hospitals or police forces can put you at risk if you find yourself battling a human (or animal) intruder in or around your home.
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