5 Car Gadgets Every Business Traveler Needs

Posted on: 7 December 2015

If you do a lot of traveling in your car for work, it can easily become your on-the-road office. Unfortunately, without the right tools, it becomes difficult to do your job to the fullest. These five car gadgets, however, can help you when you're away from the office but still have to get the job done.

Charging and Power Devices

Charging and power devices let you use the energy from your car to power just about anything. Cellphones have gotten a lot more advanced, but all that power drains the battery, so the most basic tool you'll need is a cellphone car charger. Simply plug the charger into the car's power socket, and you don't have to miss a single conversation with a client or your boss. For more powerful devices, such as a notebook or tablet, you may need an adapter with more watts. These adapters are small but have more power and three-prong outlets.

Mobile Wireless Routers and Signal Boosters

If you use the internet a lot for work, your cellular connection may not be fast or powerful enough. You should invest in a mobile wireless router. Mobile wireless routers have many benefits, and they let you stay connected to the internet no matter where you are. Even in areas where cellphone reception is poor, you can stay connected. Another option to help you stay connected to the internet is a signal booster. 3G and 4G amplifiers boost internet signals, making it easier to connect in areas with weak reception.

Mounting Devices

There are many different types of mounting devices that can help you while you're on the road. Phone mounts allow you to mount your phone on the dashboard so it's easier to see who is calling or check your navigation. If you need a desk while you're in your car and parked, there are steering wheel mounts that work as small desks. Some attach to the bottom of the wheel and sit at typing level, and other attach to the top of the steering wheel and are great for using tablets and other touchscreen devices. You can also get tablet mounts for the back of headrests, which are especially perfect for video calls and conferencing.

Navigation System

A good navigation system is another investment you should consider. Whether your car has its own navigation system, you purchase a GPS system or you just use your phone, navigation can help. First, navigation help you find where you're going so you aren't late for important meetings. Being on the road, however, isn't just about getting from A to B. You may want to make a few stops on the way to eat, shop or just sightsee, and a GPS system can help you know what's in the area. Last, a GPS system can show you how many miles you've traveled, which is important if you get reimbursed for work-related travel.

Hands-Free Cellphone Headsets

One car gadget that everyone should consider is a hands-free cellphone headset. In several states, it is illegal to talk on the phone while driving without a hands-free device. However, whether your state requires hands-free devices or not, they are the right choice for safety. With a hands-free headset, you can contact clients, work or home without having to pull over. Some cars come with hands-free features that allow you to communicate through the car speakers, but that is hardly private if you want to discuss work-sensitive information in front of other people, so a headset might be a better idea. Check out sites like headsetplus.com for more info.

If you travel a lot in your car for work, these gadgets can make doing your job a lot easier. If you would like more information about car devices that can help you work, visit an electronic store in your area today.