Yard Work Safety Tips

Posted on: 10 August 2017

Maintaining your landscape and creating a beautiful oasis for your family may be high on your list of goals, but don't let this vision get in the way of basic safety considerations. Being aware of what could go wrong is what enables you to avoid an accident, as the following tips will show.

Tip #1: Wear safety gear

Certain pieces of safety equipment are a must. For general chores, like mowing and weed trimming, opt for closed toed shoes and long pants. The pants and shoes will protect your legs from broken weed trimmer line or flying pebbles. You should also always wear eye protection when working in the yard, as well as ear plug if you will be operating noisy equipment like the mower or a power saw. For trimming duties, either with power tools or hand pruners, leather gloves are a must. Leather chaps are also recommended if you will be using a chainsaw.

Tip #2: Always survey before you begin

Hazards around your yard can change on a daily basis, so before pulling out the mower and other tools, take the time to walk around your yard. First, remove anything from the area that could impede your work, such as toys left in the lawn or a misplaced rock. Next, look for things left stretched across the lawn, such as clotheslines or power cords. Finally, make sure pets and children are indoors or at least in an area where the lawn work won't put them in danger. You must be aware of their location at all times when you are working for the sake of safety.

Tip #3: Be aware of electrical hazards

Electrical hazards are a major concern. When trimming trees and bushes, make sure there are no power lines nearby and plan your cuts so branches don't fall into the lines. Electrical issues are an even more major concern on a regular basis if you use corded tools to tend your lawn. Only use grounded outdoor outlets for plugging in any power tool, including electric mowers. If the cord isn't long enough and you can't move to a nearer outlet, then invest in a power cable extension cord that is rated for outdoor usage. Keep track of the power cord at all times as you are working, as you don't want to sever it with your tool.

With a little planning and an eye for safety, working in your yard can be enjoyable and pose minimal risk. For more information, contact companies like Americord Power cords.