Having A Water Problem? Use Infrared Sensors And Other Sources

Posted on: 19 September 2017

If you think that you have water coming in throughout the exterior walls of your home, and you aren't sure if you have a water problem or not, there are some things that you can do. You need to find out if you have a water problem because it could be destroying the structure of your home, along with the other materials, and it could be making people throughout the space sick. If you have any wet areas where you can see paint bubbling and getting damaged, you want to do the following things:

Get an Infrared Tool

You want to get an infrared took that will help you look into the wall to detect temperature changes, so you can see if there are cool areas where water is leaking into the house. You can often put these into the wall by cutting a small area, or by fishing the tool through the roof.

Cut Into the Drywall

Cutting into the drywall is easy, and something to consider if you want to replace the drywall anyways. Having someone hang and paint drywall is well worth the expense if you want to determine if there is water behind the walls, along with mold and mildew. You may find that the damage is on the exterior of the house as well.

Get an Interior Wall Camera

Interior wall cameras can help you see what is going on inside the walls, whether it is water, pests or other concerns. You can use this type of camera to see a lot of different structural things around the house, and it's a camera that will get a lot of use over the years. You can also rent this type of camera, or have a company that navigates the camera do the work for you.

You want to have the house mitigated for mold and mildew if you find out that water is a problem, and if you can see mold and mildew spots around your house. You may want to have the exterior of the house treated, by removing the siding and adding a plastic wrap. This is easy if the siding snaps on and off. You then want to replace any damaged drywall, along with damaged insulation and other materials. If you think you have water inside the walls, take action before you end up with a huge water problem that needs a lot of renovations. 

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